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Hunting Camp

About the Country Pictures 1 & 2 Special notes about hunts
Acquiring a big game tag Pictures 3 & 4 What you have to know
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Head of Operations


  We all know there's a lot more that goes into a successful hunt than just being in an area that supports good populations of quality game. Unquestionably, a Hot area is the starting point, but somewhere along the line the outfitter has to step up and make it all happen. When you can put a Hot area together with an outfit that has been operating in the same area for three generations, a bright light has to go off. This bright light is Jarbidge Wilderness Guide and Packing, owned and operated by Master Guide, Lowell Prunty.


  The Jarbidge Wilderness was established in 1964 encompassing 64,000 acres. In the early 1990's the wilderness was expanded to 111,000 acres. The Jarbidge is considered one of the least traveled wilderness areas in the lower 48.

  The Prunty family settled in the Charleston Valley in the late 1890's. As the eagle flies Charleston sits only three miles west of the Jarbidge Wilderness. The Prunty's started outfitting fisherman, and hunters in the 1940's. With 3 generations of outfitting, and guiding in the same area we take much pride in the service we provide our hunters, and the country in which we operate. Our base of operations is located at Murphy's Hot Springs, Idaho, two miles north of the Nevada State line, and 13 miles North of the Jarbidge Wilderness boundary. All of our services are conducted in Nevada, which is sometimes confused with our Idaho address.

  About the Country

  The Jarbidge Wilderness is very steep, and rugged. The Jarbidge consists of nine peaks over 10,500'. We hunt from elevations of 6,000' to 9,500'. The Jarbidge possesses a spectacular combination of heavily timbered areas, dense mahogany, big open sagebrush ridges, quaking aspen, 3,000' vertical canyons, and 500' rock formations. Historically the Jarbidge has been a best kept secret for producing quality mule deer. With its limited access, and traffic the Jarbidge will continue to be not only a beautiful place to hunt, but a place where you have a great opportunity to hunt trophy animals. Elk were re-introduced into Jarbidge in 1990, and we started hunting the Elk in 1994.

 What you have to know

  The first and last days of all hunts are for packing in, and out of camps. Regardless if you are hunting out of our base camps that you can drive to. Hunters have to arrive at Murphy's Hot Springs the morning of the first day of your scheduled hunt. Hunters are responsible for their room, board, and transportation prior to their scheduled hunt.

  Range of shooting is any where from 50 to 300 yards. Know your weapon, and spend time at the range before you arrive. The great thing about in the Jarbidge is that you rarely see other hunters, and we allow only 4 hunters in camp at one time. Unless you are a party of more than 4. Our guide ratio is 1 guide to 2 hunters. We operate under a Humboldt National Forest special use permit, and are licensed through the Nevada Department of Wildlife. We operate in area 7, in specific units 071 and 072.

  Acquiring a big game tag

  Residents and non-residents have to apply for big game tags in Nevada through a lottery system. Non-residents can apply with a licensed guide through a tag allocation program for mule deer. This tag allocation program is set up by taking a percentage of the non-resident quota for mule deer and set it aside for the outfitter drawing. This program is complete before the general drawing. Mule deer is the only species that is set up for an outfitter drawing. All other big game species must be applied for through the general drawing, except for mountain lion. Mountain lion tags are issued to all applicants that apply. If you were born after 1960 you must show proof of completion of a hunter safety course, before you can apply for any big game species.


Some Shots From Previous Hunts


  Camp consists of large "wall" sheep herder tents with cots and a wood burning stove. A separate tent is set up for cooking and meals. It's rustic, but comfortable with more than enough hearty meals prepared by a full time cook.


Home away from home


   Hunts Available


# of Days


Non-Hunting Guest Fee: Per Day $450.00
All Elk hunts are 1 on 1 unless you request otherwise!    
Drop Mule Deer Hunt: Drop only, does not include license, tag, weapons, personal gear, etc.



Fully Guided 1 on 1 Mule Deer Hunt: All inclusive, except license, tag, weapons and personal gear.

6 Days


Fully Guided 2 on 1 Mule Deer Hunt: All inclusive, except license, tag, weapons and personal gear.

6 Days

$5400.00 per hunter

Fully Guided Bull 1 on 1 Elk Hunt: All inclusive, except license, tag, weapons and personal gear. ( Unit 072 )

6 Days


Fully Guided Bull Elk Hunt: All inclusive, except license, tag, weapons and personal gear. ( Unit 071 )

6 Days

$7900.00 per hunter

Fully Guided Cow Elk/Spike Elk Hunt: All inclusive, except license, tag, weapons and personal gear.

4 Days

$4600.00 per hunter

Cougar Hunt: All inclusive, except license, tag, weapons and personal gear.

6 Days

$7500.00 per hunter


   All inclusive defined:

  Consists of food, Lodging, guides, horses, transportation, cape and skinning of animals during your hunt.


Shots to remember


  Special notes about hunts !! 

  •   All hunts require a 20% deposit at time of scheduling and balance is due two weeks prior to opening day of the season hunt.

  •   Alcohol is not included in any service.

  •   All guest and hunters will be required to sign a release of liability.

  •   Jarbidge Wilderness Guide and Packing is not responsible for the hunter's physical condition, adverse weather, misses, turndowns, game*movement or hunters that do not complete their hunt for any reason.

  •   Jarbidge Wilderness Guide and Packing reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

  •   Each guest or prospective guest should fill out the Guest Profile Form.  See selection at left.


  How to get here

  All hunters flying in commercially must schedule flights into Twin Falls, Idaho. Hunters flying in privately can fly into a mile long grass strip just above Murphy's Hot Springs on the canyon rim. Hunters driving in can take State Route 225 north out of Elko and come into Jarbidge from the Charleston road. This road is always dependent on the weather. Hunters driving in can also take Highway 93 north out of Wells, Nevada or South out of Twin Falls, Idaho until you come to Rogerson, Idaho. When you get to Rogerson, Idaho you head due West 50 miles to Murphy's Hot Springs. Accommodations can be reserved at the Tsawhawbitts Bed & Breakfast in Jarbidge for those who are arriving before your scheduled hunt. Reservations can be made by calling Chuck & Krinn McCoy at 775-488-2338. See Map buttons in left panel.


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