Jarbidge Wilderness Guide and Packing


For Your Hunting Trip


  Hunting license and tag
  Picture identification  ( if you have never hunted with us in the past )
  Layer-type clothing
  Insulated underwear
  2 pairs of socks per day
  Comfortable broken in hunting boots  ( spare pair recommended )
  Quality light-weight rain gear
  Hat and gloves
  Extra pair of prescription glasses
  Sunglasses, sun screen, and chap stick
  Personal towel and hygiene items
  Light-weight camera and film
  Sleeping bag  ( sub-zero type )
  Game bags
  Flashlight, extra batteries and bulbs
  Waterproof matches
  Rifle sling
  Good skinning knife
  Forty rounds of ammunition
  Rifle scabbard  ( with straps )
  Spotting scope  ( optional )
  Wool pants and shirts

            Luggage should be soft duffel type so it can be packed on a horse.  Please, no suitcases.  You can not pack a suit case on a horse.


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